Over the past year, the Pearl Initiative has collected data surrounding governance practices in the philanthropic sector from leading philanthropic organisations in the Gulf Region through a series of interviews, focus group discussions and surveys. Our research has shown that in the Gulf Region, philanthropic organisations are taking positive measures to enhance their governance practices, particularly practices related to transparency and impact evaluation.

However, despite ongoing efforts in the sector, discussions with key players reveal that:

  • There is a requirement for philanthropic initiatives to be increasingly focused on results rather than activities solely; and
  • There is a requirement for philanthropic organisations to introduce defined systems or standards to better monitor the results of their initiatives and measure their impact.
The Pearl Initiative, in collaboration with en.v, a Kuwait-based organisation dedicated to fostering social development and civic engagement, shall deliver a two-day workshop featuring local and international experts, on results-based programme design and monitoring and evaluation in CSR and philanthropic initiatives.

The workshop is designed for CSR managers and directors in leading corporations and family firms based in Kuwait.