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Princess Banderi is a change-maker and philanthropic leader in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For almost two decades, Princess Banderi has been leading and transforming King Khalid Foundation into a preeminent philanthropic institution.

Princess Banderi ushered King Khalid Foundation into a new era of strategic philanthropy that emphasizes impact-based grant making and partnerships with business, government, and the philanthropic community to address and solve the complex challenges of the 21st century. 
She looked for new spaces where there was momentum for innovation and identified places where KKF could use its influence to create systemic change, such as policy changes related to anti-domestic violence; social justice through establishing the sufficiency line; as well as making the nonprofit sector part of the national development strategy.

For the past decade, the Foundation dedicated its resources to building the nonprofit sector, through incubation and acceleration, as the key element and an indispensable condition for sustainable impact. Princess Banderi pushed for changing the mindset of all stakeholders from charity to social and economic development as well as improving key policies. As part of this effort, KKF forged lasting partnerships with Columbia Business School, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and other institutions.

KKF also pioneered social entrepreneurship in the Kingdom in 2009 and partnered with Acumen Fund early on to identify and train some of the first social entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. The Foundation’s efforts with supporting social entrepreneurship still continue.

Princess Banderi understood the role and importance of helping the private sector build their capacity in corporate responsibility and sustainability in order to improve local communities. KKF is the first and only foundation working in this space since establishing the first King Khalid Award program in the Kingdom in 2008.
Princess Banderi is an advisor to the Minister of Labor & Social Development in charge of creating the National Center for Non Profit Sector Support.

She is also a member of the Al-Nahda Philanthropic Society for Women, The ADHD Society & Support Group (AFTA), The Voice of Down Syndrome Society (Saut).

Princess Banderi holds a BA in English Literature from King Saud University and a MA in Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Add to Calendar 2018-02-25 08:30:00 2018-02-25 14:00:00 Asia/Dubai Excellence in Philanthropy: Frameworks for Sustainability - Dubai, UAE The roundtable will bring together leaders in philanthropy, corporate giving and non-profit organisations to discuss how the effectiveness of giving can be enhanced through institutional philanthropy and improved governance practices in this sector in the Gulf Region.  This effort responds to key findings of the Pearl Initiative’s regional survey launched to highlight how governance practices are adopted in the philanthropic and non-profit sector as well as the expectations of donors who fund philanthropic activities. Our research shows that governance as well as specific areas such as impact measurement and transparency are key issues that organisations, foundations and institutional donors consider important to better understand, adopt and contemplate when making decisions. For more details, visit UAE