Upcoming Events
17 December 2018
Over the past year, the Pearl Initiative has collected data surrounding governance practices in the philanthropic and CSR sector from leading organizations in the Gulf Region through a series of interviews, focus group discussions and surveys. Our research has shown that in the Gulf Region, philanthropic organizations and corporations are taking positive measures to enhance their governance practices, particularly practices related to transparency and impact evaluation. 

However, despite ongoing efforts, discussions with key players reveal that:
  • There is a requirement for philanthropic and CSR initiatives to be increasingly focused on results rather than activities solely; and
  • There is a need for organizations to introduce defined systems or standards to better monitor the results of their initiatives and measure their impact.
To address these challenges, the Pearl Initiative, in collaboration with en.v, a Kuwait-based organization dedicated to fostering social development and civic engagement, will deliver a two-day workshop led by regional and international experts on results-based program design and monitoring & evaluation for CSR and philanthropic initiatives.

The workshop is designed for CSR managers and directors in leading corporations and family firms based in Kuwait.  
29 January 2019
Whistleblowing and corporate governance are closely linked; in an open and transparent corporate environment where policies on wrongdoing and whistleblowing are made clear, it is much easier to detect malpractice early, put right any wrongs and avoid a scandal that could be disastrous for a business.
Whistleblowing is an essential element for safeguarding interest and for promoting a culture of internal accountability and integrity within organisations. This being said, there are several barriers to a successful whistle-blowing programme, such as the protection of the rights of the whistleblower within an organisation, as well as potential retaliation from fellow employees and potentially illegal disclosure.

The purpose of this event is to provide an introduction into whistleblowing policies as implemented in the Gulf Region and shed light on effective whistleblowing policies while sharing real case studies of whistleblowing procedures. Furthermore, the panel will highlight the areas whistleblowing policies should be focused on discussing best practice and why effective management of whistleblowing is crucial to organisations. The event will provide an opportunity for delegates to reflect on current processes and improve on them.
06 February 2019

Gulf Region MSMEs are the backbone of regional economies, but face challenges in taking their businesses to the next level. Many MSMEs lack information on the importance of corporate governance, believing it as the realm of larger corporations. However, corporate governance practices are useful in assuring stakeholders and investors that a business is serious about its growth and success.

At this event, held in collaboration with Zubair SEC, MSMEs can find out why corporate governance matters to small businesses seeking funding, and what MSMEs can do to incorporate best practices in corporate governance for sustainable growth.

Please note that this event will be held entirely in Arabic.