9.00 AM to 9.30 AM

Registration and Networking

9.30 AM to 9.35 AM


The Master of Ceremonies (MC) will welcome esteemed dignitaries, speakers and guests and provide an overview of the overarching themes and format of the event. In today’s dynamic business environment, it is imperative that global and regional business leaders come together to address current and future market opportunities, and the need to foster sustainable development by implementing best business practices and governance principles. The MC will highlight how dialogue between the speakers and audience, through tools such as live audience poling and an interactive Event App, will help to pinpoint concrete actions that business leaders can take in furtherance of these objectives.

Ammar K. Siddiqui - Petroleum Engineer, Saudi Aramco

9.35 AM to 9.45 AM

Welcome Address “Saudi Aramco: From Regional to Global – An Evolution of Governance”

Amin H. Nasser - President and Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Aramco

9.45 AM to 10.00 AM

Keynote Address “Governance in Strategic Sectors: Impact on National Competitiveness”

His Excellency will provide a unique perspective on the changing business environment in Saudi Arabia, the region, and across the globe. His Excellency will address why corporate governance is an intrinsically important to Saudi Arabia, its businesses, and Saudi Vision 2030. His Excellency will offer insights into how governance principles can help to align the Gulf’s private sector with global investors, as well as facilitate expansion of these businesses into global markets.

H.E. Khalid A. Al-Falih - Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia and Chairman of Saudi Aramco

10.00 AM to 10.10 AM

Introductory Message “Corporate Governance: The Foundation of Corporate Sustainability”

Mr. Jafar will provide insight into the expanding role of the private sector in the Gulf Region. He will address the impact corporate governance has on the success of companies, the business environment generally, and regional prosperity. Mr. Jafar will also address how global and regional governance practices further one another, serving as a catalyst for investment in the Gulf Region and stimulating its business environment.

Badr Jafar - Founder, Pearl Initiative and Chief Executive Officer, Crescent Enterprises

10.10 AM to 11.10 AM

Plenary Panel: Private–Public Dialogue on Governance

The plenary panel will address corporate governance frameworks from a variety of stakeholder perspectives. Private sector participants will share their thoughts on how governance frameworks for a wide variety of companies  ̶  from closely held family businesses to large, publicly listed conglomerates  ̶  have evolved over time to ensure corporate sustainability. Public-sector experts, in parallel, will consider how governments affect the adoption of good governance practices. The goal of the panel will be to understand how the state and private enterprise can work together to delineate governance frameworks that promote robust competition, social-capital creation, and enhanced productivity.

Lubna S. Olayan - Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman, Olayan Financing Company
Rick Haythornthwaite - Chairman, MasterCard & Centrica and Advisory Partner, Moelis & Co.
Alain G. Bejjani - Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim Holding
H.E. Dr. Hamad Sulaiman A. Albazai - Vice Minister of Finance, Saudi Arabia
H.E. Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh - Chairman, Abu Dhabi Global Market

John Defterios - CNNMoney Emerging Markets Editor, CNN

11.10 AM to 12.00 PM

Governance for Diversification: Supporting National Champions

As set forth in 2030 Vision, economic diversification is a major policy objective of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The same is true of other resource-rich economies in the Gulf Region, Central Asia, and beyond. Good governance of leading companies operating in the natural-resource sectors, as well as in industry verticals such as telecommunications, transportation, healthcare and others, is necessary to ensure that citizens receive critical goods and services. It is also essential to fostering the internationalisation and growth of national business leaders, and to enable them to tap into vast global markets. The paired goals of this panel will be to understand how governments can foster businesses by enabling good governance and, at the same time, how businesses can leverage good governance to support international competitiveness and diversification.

Jamal Mohamed Fakhro - Managing Partner, KPMG Bahrain and First Deputy Chairman of Shura Council, Bahrain
H.E. Dr. Khaled Al-Sultan - Rector, King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals
Yousef Abdullah Al-Benyan - Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SABIC
Joaquim Levy - Chief Financial Officer, World Bank Group

Saad AlMatrafi - Bureau Chief – Riyadh, Al Arabiya

12.00 PM to 1.00 PM


1.00 PM to 1.50 PM

Governance in a Digital World: Creative Disruption and New Technologies

Technological evolution represents both an immense opportunity and risk for global and regional economies. In sectors such as financial services, technology is poised to disrupt the banking sector and revolutionise capital markets. At the same time, many business sectors, as well as government entities, are seeking to prepare for as-of-yet unknown technological shifts and to develop capabilities to address uncertainties in the technology arena. Not least among the risks that businesses face in this new environment is the risk to boards and senior executives from new and constantly changing fields such as cybersecurity and data privacy. The goal of this panel will be to understand the disruptive business impact of new technologies and how they can be harnessed to support good governance, development, and economic opportunity.

will.i.am - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, i.am+
Tony Bates - CEO, Social Capital Growth
Abdulrahman Tarabzouni - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, STV
Magnus Olsson - Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder, Careem

Fadi Ghandour - Co-Founder, Aramex and Executive Chairman, Wamda Capital

1.50 PM to 2.40 PM

Governance for Long-Term Value Creation: ESG and Social Capital

Mobilizing private and public capital for long-term investment in crucial national priorities such as infrastructure development has been on the top of the agenda of global policymakers.  This panel will focus on how institutional investors can leverage good governance to support of their stewardship objectives, boost social capital, and create a positive environmental footprint.

Sammy Kayello - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Stanley MENA
Khalid Abdullah Al Hussan - Chief Executive Officer, The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
H.E. Dr. Shaikha Al Maskari - Chairperson, Al Maskari Holding
Valerie Haertel - Global Head of Investor Relations, BNY Mellon

Alissa Amico - Managing Director, GOVERN

2.40 PM to 2.45 PM

Closing Remarks

Carla Koffel - Executive Director, Pearl Initiative

2.45 PM to 3.00 PM

Coffee Break

3.00 PM to 4.20 PM

Thematic Workshops: Putting Theory in Practice

To galvanize action and empower participants to apply innovative ideas inspired by conversations and discussions among private and public-sector leaders during the Forum, Thematic Workshops will facilitate interaction with speakers and workshop experts. These workshops will feature experts from two sectors critical to the socio-economic development of the Gulf Region.

Workshop One: From Grant Makers to Change Makers: Governance Models for Philanthropy

Saudi Vision 2030 emphasizes the important role of the philanthropic sector in achieving national economic and social objectives. The need for strong governance practices applies in this sector much like in any other sector.  This practical workshop, featuring leading regional and global philanthropic organizations, will explore models of effective governance that the organizations can use to maximize impact. It will also highlight how governance frameworks for philanthropic organizations may differ from those in the commercial sphere.

Andrea Berchowitz - Lead Advisor, Middle East and North Africa, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Florence Bulte - Head of Sustainable Engagement, Chalhoub Group
Mohammed Al Shoshan - Manager, Public Relations Operations Department, Saudi Aramco
May Omar Taibah - General Manager, Nafisa Shams Academy

Dr. Natasha Matic - Chief Strategy Officer, King Khalid Foundation

3.00 PM to 4.20 PM

Thematic Workshops: Putting Theory in Practice

Workshop Two: Driving MSME Competitiveness in a Vibrant Marketplace

Small and Medium-size enterprises are often cited as the backbone of the economy, relied on as a critical source of employment, innovative ideas, and social capital. However, MSMEs face significant challenges related to scaling, both globally and, more significantly, in the Gulf Region. This workshop will explore how good governance and business practices can support sustainability and growth within the MSME sector, as well as on the role of national business leaders in fostering a fruitful MSME sector.

Bilal Ballout - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, BMB Group
Hala Fadel - Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Leap Ventures
Samir M. Suleymanov - Head, Strategic Initiatives Unit, The World Bank Group
Khalid Al Khudair - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Glowork
Marwan Mohammed Al-Suwaidi - Acting Executive Director - Support Services, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi - Partner, AQ&P

*To be confirmed