Upcoming Events
21 April 2019
Students are a fast-growing segment of the entrepreneurial community across the Gulf Region, and have exciting business ideas. However, students need support getting their business dreams off the ground and can learn from the experiences of those before them.

At this student lecture, join Maher Ezzedine (CEO, Ideanco, and Chairman, Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Association) and learn from his entrepreneurial journey! Mr. Ezzedine will walk students through his experiences and provide lessons that enterprising students can take home for their future career success.

This event is co-organised with Young Arab Leaders (YAL), and supported by Shera'a.
24 April 2019
Regional micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) form the backbone of national economies, and in their lifecycles, face a range of business concerns that can be addressed by the implementation of corporate governance.

Held in collaboration with Zubair SEC, this workshop is designed to introduce micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to the ways in which good corporate governance practices can be adopted for improved business outcomes.

Led by a governance expert from the International Finance Corporation, this workshop will show MSMEs how corporate governance can improve access to capital, create enhanced monitoring, attract the right talent, and successfully navigate business concerns.

Join us for an opportunity to learn about how corporate governance can support your business!
28 April 2019
Hosted in partnership with King Khalid Foundation, this workshop is designed to give foundations an insight into the process of developing a “Theory of Change” for entire programmes, organisations or initiatives in order to achieve their intended impact and inspire change in the societies they support.   

A theory of change describes how your organisation or project aims to bring about social impact. It is a multi-purpose tool, helping to articulate your mission, refine your strategy, and provide a roadmap for impact measurement.

The process of creating a theory of change allows foundations to articulate a process for change by identifying and defining aims, short and long-term outcomes and goals while also examining  assumptions. A well-built theory of change supports foundations in programme development, external communications, and is a prerequisite for effective evaluation of the work carried out.  

Join us in this unique opportunity to learn more about developing a theory of change for your organisation or programme. 

* Please note that the workshop will be hosted in Arabic.