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20 February 2019

A commitment to sustainable and responsible business growth:

The Business Pledge is a commitment by the Gulf Region’s business leaders to implement best practice corporate governance standards in line with 4 commitments:


  1. Setting Targets For Sustainable & Responsible Growth
  2. A More Inclusive Workplace
  3. Promoting Integrity
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships

The Business Pledge is an effort to contribute further to a thriving economy in the Gulf Region underpinned by a Private Sector that embraces good governance as a pillar of sustainable growth.

Once a signatory signs the Pledge with an explicit intention of implementing or continuing to implement best practice corporate governance standards in their respective organisation, we arrange a Pledge Session between the signatory and a group of university students.

We hope that by coming forward about their practices, organisations can engage and educate the next generation of business leaders and inspire conversations, discussions, and action about how to promote sustainable business practices.


Pledge Signatory

Osman Sultan, CEO, Du, UAE

Commitment: A more inclusive workplace

Theme of Discussion: Culture, diversity, talent management and work-life balance at Du.

University: American University of Sharjah (AUS)

Sign up to the Business Pledge here.